Chardonnay BETONEI
Rose garden and monastery path

Selected grapes from individual plots are vinified for this Chardonnay. Vineyards with over 9,000 vines per hectare. Small berry clones from Burgundy. Wine with a lot of depth and individuality. Read by hand.
25,00 EUR

Origin: Rosengarten location, grown on loess and loess loam soil and monastery path, deep loam clay soil
Vinification: The grapes are harvested by hand and pressed after a short maceration.
The coarse sedimentation and the spontaneous fermentation is still supported by the puristic style that arises with the expansion in the concrete egg.
The coarse pores of the concrete create a micro-oxidation that is only known from wooden barrels.
The long expansion with the yeast of 10 months creates a very special taste experience. After maturation, after a rough filtration, the wine is bottled.
This wine then matured in the bottle for another 6 months.
Description of the wine: subtle yellow fruity aromas, fresh herbal scent, creamy, elegant acidity, fine roasted aromas
Other wine recommendations: Chardonnay Rosengarten , Pinot Blanc from Rhodt Pinot Blanc Rosengarten

alcohol 13.5% vol.
acid 5.2g/l
residual sugar 1.3g/l
serving temperature 10ºC to 12ºC
Note on allergens contains sulphites
quality quality wine b. A
growing area Palatinate
country Germany
content per bottle 0.75 liters