2023- the growing year so far and its challenges

Our winter and spring 2023 were characterized by rather cooler temperatures and heavy rainfall. Which of course we were very pleased about as these months were ideal for closing the deficits. For some mechanical work, however, the challenge was to wait and see, since the soil was very soggy and this would have otherwise led to unnecessary compaction in our lanes.
The blossoming of the vines at the beginning of June, due to the cool winds, led to speculation that autumn would be later than last year.
But the hot phases at the end of July and also in August made us calculate again.
The 2nd half of August "brought" us up to 100 liters of rain again, but fortunately without any further storms or hail.
These now have a rather negative influence on the grapes so shortly before the start of the harvest, as they are already very juicy and plump. Compact grape varieties, such as some Pinot Noir clones, now tend to burst open.
We can literally feel the challenge of our first Demeter vintage.
To put it positively, this vintage will be exciting and will demand all of our winemaker know-how.
Autumn 2023- we are ready!