Pinot Noir - or Pinot Noir?

Pinot Noir is one of the most exciting grape varieties for us. Because these wines create a great arc of tension between elegance, complexity and fine fruit aromas, which can hardly be found in the red wine sector with any other grape variety. The French name for Pinot Noir is Pinot Noir and we deliberately use both names in our winery. We distinguish the two terms because we get the vines for planting new vineyards from both Germany (German breeds) and France (French breeds). Of course, these different breeds differ not only in their origin, but above all in the shape and size of the grape and the berries.

Pinot Noir grapes from Germany usually have significantly larger berries and stalks, resulting in leaner, finer red wines. In comparison, the grapes from France have much smaller berries and therefore smaller bunches. This results in much stronger and more complex wines. There is probably no other grape variety that shapes the wine as much as the soil and the selection of the breeding as here. For this reason, when planting the vineyard, you have to think about which wines you want to produce later. And it doesn't matter whether it's Pinot Noir or Pinot Noir: both are real divas that don't exactly make it easy for you. But as soon as they sing in the glass, you know that the effort is worth it.