Our team

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork
We would like to take the opportunity to introduce the small but fine team at the winery.
Cristian Dumitrescu, born in Romania, was able to gain experience in agriculture in Spain before joining our team in the spring. In time for the upcoming manual work in the vineyard, he is more or less on first-name terms with our vines.
Michael Gärthöffner- born in the Palatinate, is in charge of our machine work and also supports Stefan in the cellar in the autumn. In addition to his bachelor's degree in viticulture and oenology, Michael is also a trained locksmith, which has been very helpful to us on many occasions.
Stefan Meyer- business owner, you may even know him personally.
Lan Giese- "as a northerner moved to the Palatinate since 1998, she learned her winegrowing trade from scratch" (original sound)
In addition to her journeyman's certificate, she has completed training as a state-certified sommelier. Some customers have already had contact with her by phone or email. Social media and events are also part of your area of ​​responsibility.
Sophia Koenigseder found her way to us in January. From October she will start studying international wine management (IWW) at the University of Applied Sciences for Oenology in Geisenheim. For that long, and we are very pleased about that, the Passau native will complete an internship with us.
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