What a crazy year. If we were still thinking about a balanced vegetation year in spring, we were taught better in summer. The long-awaited precipitation didn't materialize and many a sun worshiper got their money's worth.
Our vines seemed to be in good health and the grapes also made a great impression until the beginning of August. Perhaps or precisely because of our well-considered soil and foliage management in the summer months.
We started on September 1st with sparkling wine for our Rosé Crémant and soon afterwards our red grape varieties such as Frühburgunder and our Pinot Noir for local and single site wines found their new home in the winery.
The weather gods showed us powerful limits last week, up to 40 liters of rain fell in places, a value that we would of course have liked to have wished for in the summer months. But once again a challenge to make the right decisions for us as far as the harvest time is concerned, since the must weights have rolled backwards rather than increasing in sugar ripeness.
Nevertheless, the physiological maturity has largely been reached, which means that we can look forward to our second organic year with great confidence.
We are now in week 3 and are just about to harvest Pinot Gris. The finale of the week will be our Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc grapes from the vineyards. Last but not least, our Syrah from the monastery path should not be missing - which we almost traditionally save for the finale of our vintage.
It is still too early for us to make a conclusion at this point in time, we will rather leave it to our wines from 2022.