With a little delay, we would like to report on our 2023 vintage and would like to give a little feedback on what happened in these 4 weeks and how we assess the new vintage, if this is possible at this point.

If we look back at our 2023 wine year, we had a fairly warm winter with good rainfall.

At the time of flowering we had normal temperatures and the fruit set suggested a good yield.

Then came the dry summer and with it the challenge of deciding how to plan further management of the vineyards.

At the end of July there was a 14-day period of rain, which the vines gratefully accepted.

The temperatures were warm and humid, the further ripening phase went well and the qualities in the vineyards also seemed to be good.

Due to the persistently warm temperatures and the few cool nights, we started harvesting on September 8th.

Our local and vineyard wines are of good to very good quality and in the basic segment we see good qualities and a pleasing quantity.

We rate this vintage as having harmonious acidity and moderate alcohol content.

We are happy, grateful and of course a little tired.

At the end of the day we are happy about the wines in the cellar and the joy of having harvested our first Demeter vintage.