grape secco

Palatinate tradition The grape secco belongs to our "PATINATE TRADITION" category.
6,50 EUR

A white grape juice cuvée is the sparkling alternative to Secco - ALCOHOL-FREE!
Other wine recommendations:
grape juice , sparkling white
average Nutritional values ​​per 100 ml
Contains small amounts of fat,
saturated fat, protein and salt.
Calorific value 248kj (58 kcal)
carbohydrates 14.0 g
(of which) sugar 14.0 g
Grape juice with added carbonic acid
Alcohol-free (according to law)
Ingredients: grape juice, carbonic acid, vitamin C

alcohol 0% vol.
acid 8.0g/l
residual sugar 139 g/l
serving temperature 8°C to 11°C
Note on allergens
growing area
country Germany
content per bottle 0.75 liters