Pinot Noir

Typical Palatinate soil types. Wine with a lot of drinking flow and Southern Palatinate charm - but also with a claim. Partially matured in wooden barrels
9,50 EUR

Origin: Vineyards in Rhodt and the surrounding area, washed on loess soil
Ageing: Maceration 14-18 days, 12-14 months in large and small oak barrels
Description of the wine: pronounced scent of cassis, vegetative spiciness (lovage), subtle wood structure on the palate, juicy style
Other wine recommendations: Early Burgundy , Pinot Noir from Rhodt

alcohol 13% vol.
acid 5.0g/L
residual sugar 0.9g/l
serving temperature 16ºC to 18ºC
Note on allergens contains sulphites
quality quality wine bA
growing area Palatinate
country Germany
content per bottle 0.75 liters